A Fairytale Home in Modern Day Art Style

Art will always tell a story from the time it’s created to the finished masterpiece. For most homes, art is that missing story piece that creates a fairytale setting. With so many different genres of art available including abstract art, fine art, impressionism, Hollywood art, pop art, hip hop art, and black and white art, one can get lost.

When it comes down to choosing the right type of art style for your home design, it comes down to what type of fairytale home you are envisioning.

Are you one who creates a renaissance fairytale or you prefer a bolder fairytale full of pop culture? With so many options for wall décor and home accessories, it’s important to choose an art style to reflect your ultimate fairytale.

Art Style is a statement that reflects both spirit and intentions. The way we choose art and how we view it reflects who we are. For any fairytale home to live up to its story, it is important it brings one of these elements to a home: Joy, Inspiration, Balance, and Spirituality.

Read on to find out how to create A Fairytale Home with these four principals.

Colorful Art Creates Joy

Choosing Colorful art pieces is such a delight when it comes to bringing life to your fairytale brewing within your home! In fact, art with colorful designs will always create a fairytale home. Studies have revealed color when used in interior design always elevates mood.

Colors like blue and green bring a sense of calmness and peace, whereas colors like yellow resonate happiness. Brighter pieces of abstract art tend to display beautifully against neutral color walls and simple interior design layouts.

To find the right match of colorful art, start searching online paintings and narrow your search to specific areas of the home, such as using keyword searches that include: living room wall art, paintings for the bathroom, kitchen art, and art for bedroom walls.

By targeting specific keywords for different areas of your home, you will have a better idea of what type of colorful art looks good.

Abstract Art Creates Inspiration

Abstract art pieces create imagination and help redirect one’s energy towards the power of visualization. Visualization impacts mood tremendously, and if art is uplifting and creates inspiration, then the fairytale will continue.

Typically in home design, abstract art pieces are used as a focal point in a room, and many times it’s either a series of small abstract paintings clustered together or just one large wall canvas. The great thing when choosing an abstract art piece for your home is that there are no rules because abstract art doesn’t follow rules, it’s free, expressive, bold, and standard art principals don’t apply.

In design, many times an interior designer will decorate with abstract art in spaces that need a little bit of extra flair, so the room just pops. When shopping for abstract art, focus on a theme and stick to it throughout your home, whether it’s food, spirituality, love, or unique faces.

Spiritual Art Brings A Sense Of Harmony

Not all art is created equal, and that’s why it’s important to choose pieces that enlighten your spirit. Art creates a powerful visualization of various feelings the moment we lay eyes on it.

All art is spiritual to some extent because at the core art is created by significant experiences that influenced the Artist on a deeper level. Likewise, choosing art in order to create a fairytale home in modern art style draws from one’s life experiences.

For a modern fairytale home to exist, there must be an element of spirituality throughout the design. Art is perhaps the easiest way to incorporate elements of spirituality. Spiritual Art comes across in imagery, vivid colors, spiritual symbols, and designs.

One new age spiritual artist that is getting noticed is Michelle Lynn, also known as Michelle Lynn Art, part of The Michelle Lynn Brand. Her inspiration comes from the spiritual world as she channels her art through her sister’s spirit, Laurie Beth.

Her paintings also highlight her relationship with the earth, the universe, food, and the complex nature of mood and human interaction. Shop some of her pieces to start adding a sense of joy, inspiration, harmony, and spirituality to your home.

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