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Silver Lights Studios is a full  production studio for primarily cinematic  Feature films  and selective Short films, not tv or web episodes. From script development to concept development, coordinating production, managing a budget, and distribution. Silver Lights Studios can guide any project from start to end.  Silver Lights studios has produced an international award winning Short Film "An Ever Drama" which is available on Amazon . As of Summer 2023  Michelle's short film  has won over 81 international film festival awards, including 28 best actress awards and she won the notable  2023 Red Movie Awards Winter Edition for best actress  for The Spring 2023 for NicoMedia Film Awards.  She has reached over 153 career awards between her filmmaking, acting, screenwriting, and books. She was a finalist for her two of her screenplays in the  renowned Paramount Film Festival.  Her screenplay awards have received over 58 awards between her 6 feature scripts. 



Award Winning Writer, Actress, and Filmmaker Michelle Lynn knows first hand how tough it could be to get into the film and media business. Therefore, Silver Lights studios' mission  is to create Films that touch, inspire, and get you excited for the next big blockbuster.


The vision with Silver Lights Studios is to take each project to the next level.  To dig deeper, and extend it's proposition value to others beyond a typical film. Michelle Lynn started from the ground up and knows that value doesn't just start with one idea but several ideas. Her mission is to continue to write, act, and produce under her own brand, with the exception of taking projects that align with her brand.

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