Actress & Author

Michelle's love for writing and acting began early in life. An avid writer of short stories from the age of 9, and a die-hard fan of blockbuster movies like Adventures of Babysitting, The Gremlins and Dirty Dancing became the burning passion  to Michelle’s interest in  Film. After college, Michelle pursued her interests in acting by attending The Chicago School of Acting and The Cleveland Playhouse for on camera film techniques. 


She launched The Silver Lights series which follows a Hollywood dreamer by the name of Skylar Lynn as she begins to dance her way into stardom by exploring the underground world of exotic entertainment. ( .  She is working on a tv series spin off from the book series, and continues to audition for scripted film, while working on her health brand.  She plans one day to be working on feature dramas, blockbuster movies where she can shine as an actress, director and writer.  

Michelle continues to excel in her writing by earning medals at the NYC Book Awards in 2021 for Silver Heels , Silver Lights, and The Chocolate Orgy.  Her books placed the the category of contemporary fiction, and her dating book placed in humor.  Her first lifestyle guide and cookbook, A Tropical Fantasy  became a finalist at the Global Book awards earning her recognition in this prestigious contest.

Michelle Lynn is working on producing her first short feature film in the summer of 2022 in which she will make her actress , screenwriter, and director debut.  To find out more go to

She continues to audition for both leading and supporting roles in  feature film only while working on  writing more books, scripts, and art.​  

Actress & Author