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actress & Screenwriter

Michelle Lynn was born to act, write, and produce award winning movies in the motion picture industry. She knew as young as seven years old it was her destiny to become an Actress and Screenwriter, but due to unfortunate circumstances each time she started moving towards her dreams, she found herself farther back than when she started.  It wasn't until she had a confirmation from the Spiritual world to move forward with her god given gifts as a storyteller. In her spiritual confirmation, she received  assurance from her guides that the obstacles would not take her in another detour, and her success would build with each movie script that she would write, produce, and star in under her own brand.


She is taking Hollywood by storm with her incredible talent as a  storyteller and her record breaking success in the international film festivals. She does it all from writing her own award winning scripts, to producing them, and staring as a leading actress in her feature scripts.  


After launching  The Silver Lights  Book series  ( , she redirected her energy in launching Silver Lights Studios and Silver Lights Movies.

As of May 2024, Michelle has earned 312 awards spanning her  filmmaking, acting, screenwriting, and her books.  She set a record in history as independent artist (non sag and non union) winning as many film festival and writing awards in such a short period of time. She has received 14 awards as a former Author, 150 Screenplay awards,  and 149 international film festival awards for her short film, including 51 awards for best actress, and over 170 film nominations  for her first short film. She won the notable Winter 2023 Red Movie Awards for Best Actress, and the Red Movie Awards 2023 Summer for Best Script, putting her in the annual competition with greats like Tom Holland. Tom Holland won the best actor category in the summer edition of the Red Movie Film Festival putting her talent at A-list level. She is also a finalist in the 2024 Red Annual Movie Awards for Best Actress in 2023. She  also won best Actress for the Spring 2023 NicoMedia Film Awards . She currently has a distinguished portfolio of 9 feature movie scripts, a short film, and 4 books.  


Michelle Launched her own  production company Silver Lights Studios in 2022 with the success of her indie short film, "An Ever After Drama."  She continues to focus her talents on writing feature screenplays, acting in feature movies, and producing her own films. She is into clean  and healthy living, and believes you can take years off your mind, body, and spirit by lifestyle and diet. In her free time when she is not acting, writing, or modeling swimsuits, she loves to cook,  do hot yoga, travel to tropical vacations, walk the red carpet, and attend charity events.

Actress & Author

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