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actress & Writer

Michelle's love for writing and acting began early in life. An avid writer of short stories from the age of 9, and a die-hard fan of blockbuster movies like Adventures of Babysitting, The Gremlins and Dirty Dancing became the burning passion  to Michelle’s interest in  Film. After college, Michelle pursued her interests in acting by attending The Chicago School of Acting and The Cleveland Playhouse for on camera film techniques. 


She launched The Silver Lights  Book series which follows a Hollywood dreamer by the name of Skylar Lynn as she begins to dance her way into stardom by exploring the underground world of exotic entertainment. ( .  

As of early October 2023, Michelle has earned 153 awards spanning from film to acting to writing.  She has received 13 awards as a former Author, 58 Screenplay awards,  and 81  international film festival awards for her short film, including 28 awards for best actress, and over 100 film nominations  for her first short film. She won the notable Winter 2023 Red Movie Awards for Best Actress and the Spring 2023 NicoMedia Film Awards for Best Actress.


Michelle Launched her own  production company Silver Lights Studios in conjunction with The Michelle Lynn Brand and Silver Lights Books. She continues to focus her talents on writing feature screenplays, acting in select projects  and producing her films. She is into clean living and healthy living, and believes you can take years off your mind, body, and spirit by lifestyle and diet. In her free time when she is not acting, writing, or modeling swimsuits, she loves to cook,  do hot yoga, travel to tropical vacations, walk the red carpet, and attend charity events.

Actress & Author

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