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Michelle's love for writing and acting began early in life. An avid writer of short stories from the age of 9, and a die-hard fan of blockbuster movies like Adventures of Babysitting, The Gremlins and Dirty Dancing became the burning passion  to Michelle’s interest in  Film. After college, Michelle pursued her interests in acting by attending The Chicago School of Acting and The Cleveland Playhouse for on camera film techniques. 

In her spare time, when she is not working on her health brand, writing or painting, Michelle continues to audition for roles,  while writing her fictional book series ,The Silver Lights Book Series . In addition, Michelle’s second lifestyle and cookbook, The Chocolate Orgy was written as a spin off for her own TV Show that uses aphrodisiac food to enhance romance among couples. She is also a  published author of A Tropical Fantasy .She has over 400 published poems, quotes and recipes on her Instagram feed onceuponazen


She launched The Silver Lights series which follows a Hollywood dreamer by the name of Skylar Lynn as she begins to dance her way into stardom by exploring the underground world of exotic entertainment.  The series gives a fresh perspective on exotic dancing like you have never read before from Silver Lights, debunking myths of exotic dancers to the second book, Silver Heels detailing the tell tale drama of the club’s top spenders, as the once former playground of adult entertainment becomes a deadly game between the rich, the mob, and wall street.   Scene -by -scene, chapter -by -chapter, and act-by -act, you will begin to feel the erotic thriller in the Silver Lights series come alive as author Michelle Lynn takes you between a screen play and novel.  Her unique style of writing and format is unheard of in the world of novels and is fresh in keeping you guessing, and feeling as if you are part of the core drama that begins to unravel in her second novel, Silver Heels. She is working hard on bringing The Silver Lights Brand  to the public this spring 2020 (    .

Actress & Author

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